Chemical Pathology Department

This laboratory carries out tests on the folowing: The department has capacity to run above listed tests routinely in his secure window. In addition to these, the parental & others not listed can still be profiled by the laboratory for research purposes. They also provide training for the hospital and university community. The department has in its employment Consultant Pathologists who provided clinical services through Metabolic Clinic and to all the wards on request. There are Medical Laboratory Scientists and other supportive staff. LABORATORIES The Chemical Pathology laboratory is backed up for quality control by internal proficiency test coordinated from the Head of Medical Laboratory Services and externally by Medical Laboratory Services Council Quality Control Program. For laboratory services, we have Phlebotomy, which is the entry point, for all samples from Specialist Clinics, Out-patients Department and all other hospitals outside LAUTECH Teaching Hospital. We provide subsidized medical laboratory services at our outreach Community Health Centres like Ita-kogun Community Health Centre, Osogbo (and that of Ilie Town, now being integrated). For all the laboratory services in this hospital, the Management approved baby-friendly initiative. Hence all children pay 50% of the normal charges.

    Dr. Oparinde D.P
    HOD Chemical Pathology.
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