Sub Units in NHIS

  • Administative Unit    17
  • Records    5
  • Pharmacy    2
  • Pharmacy Technician    4
  • NHIS Pharmacy separate from the General Hospital Pharmacy to attend to the peculiar NHIS drugs.

Servises Provided

  • General outpatient care
  • Lying in ward care
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Effective inter specialty referral system
  • Wound care section
  • Routine physical examination and wellness care
  • Complete child care
  • Pre conception
  • Routine Health Education section.

Achievement at the NHIS

  • Good intrapersonal communication with telephone services within Family Medicine affiliate units
  • Significant improvement in administrative advancement e.g. Day in care
  • Increase in NHIS enrollee to over 12,000
  • Increase in voluntary contributors on daily basis
  • Improvement patient waiting time as a result of increas in members of staff/ services rendered
  • Routine academic achived and training for Health Workers in the unit
  • Family conferencing
  • Health promotion
  • Specialty counceling / care
  • Good quality assurance per time.

General Health services Rendered by the Department

  • General physical examinations and wellness care
  • Minor surgical procedures
  • Specialized Nutritional care
  • Comprehensive Health care services
  • Comprehensive preventive diagnostic screening
  • Health Information redution and counceling
  • Health promotion
  • Public enlightenment programmes in health welfare cause on radio and television
  • Marital and Family counseling
  • Family conferencing
  • Home care
  • Home Medical care.

    Dr. Afolabi B. A.
    HOD Family Medicine.
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