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Histopathology and Morbid Anatomy Department

The department is equipped with facilities to enable it perform certain vital functions. These are:

  • Histological diagnosis that plays a definitive role in patient's management. It involves examination of incisional and excisional biopsies and surgical resections.
  • Cytological diagnosis which involves the study of cellular details for the diagnosis of diseases. It involves procedures such as fine needle aspiration and cytology of masses in the body e.g. breast, thyroid liver masses and also of cervical smears.
  • Tumor imprinting-which involves intra-operative diagnosis of tumor/masses for quick availability of result that can aid the surgeon in making a fast and appropriate decision.
  • Mortuary services which involve the presentation/storage of human corpses awaiting burial, autopsy and identification. Refrigeration and use of chemical agents like formalin are options available.
  • Autopsy services which involve the postmortem examination of organ and tissue of the body to define the cause of death or incidental pathology conditions.

Autopsy could be divided into:
  1. Medicolegal/forensic/coroner Autopsies: which are performed as prescribed by applicable law in cases of suspicious or sudden death, and during surgical procedures.
  2. Clinical or Pathological Autopsies are performed to identify a particular disease and know the cause and manner of death in inpatients.

Consulting Hours

The main Consulting hour is 8am to 4pm but the services are available for 24 hours (main intra-operative consultation).

    Dr. O. O. Olaofe.
    HOD Histopatology/Morbid Anatomy