Medical Library Department

Generally referred to as"THE MEDICAL OR HOSPITAL LIBRARY", it is a place where you read your way to a healthful living. Considering the fact that health is wealth, and ill health is inevitable, it is socially, politically, mentally and physically important to stay hale and hearty.

Aims and Objectives of Library

In the earliest times, the traditional function of the library is to keep custody of books. These books contained vital information for users and information seekers. Today, information comes in many formats all of which must be organized into an integrated whole. In recent times, non-book materials are added to the library collection thereby increasing the responsibilities of libraries.


Objectives are things aimed at or wished for. In libraries as information centers today, objectives are set to ensure proficiency, therefore, the aims and objectives are as follows:
  • To select and acquire relevant medical and non-medical books for the library users.
  • To make and acquire Library materials readily accessible to prospective user within the shortest possible time.
  • To cater for the need of Consultants, Residents, Nurses, Medical Students, Scientists and all other categories of people within the hospital Community.
  • To provide Journals, Newspapers and Magazines for clientele.
  • To disseminate information and promote independent learning.
  • To help develop value, attitudes and appreciation.
  • To extend and widen learning horizons through support services
  • To create awareness and encourage recreation/leisure reading.
  • To collect and make readily accessible non-book materials to all users.

Facility and Infrastructure

The facilities are fairly enough to serve the teeming user. This includes a beautiful well-ventilated library building, constant electricity supply, provision of toilet facilities, cubicle tables and chairs. Medical and other related books numbers up to 1000 and several journal titles enough to serve the hospital community. However, there is room for improvement. The library with the infrastructure provided can take 150 readers at a time. There is also the provision of computer sets for internet purposes, reading of Compact Disks and other Information Technology Gadgets. (Meanwhile, the internet service is functional and effective.)

Other Areas of Interest in the Library

The hospital library is established mainly to serve the Postgraduate students, Nurses, Laboratory Scientists, Health Related Workers and other categories of readers working within the hospital. The Hospital is magnanimous in extending her hands of fellowship to the medical students who are supposed to be attended to at the College of Health Sciences Medical Library, Isale Osun. The postgraduate session of the library is opened 24 hours to readers every day. The section is fully air-conditioned with a conference room duly furnished and a toilet attached for utmost convenience.

NLMCS Medicine Section and Subject Code

QS-Human AnatomyQT-PhysiologyQU-BiochemistryQV-Pharmacology
QZ-PathologyQV-PharmacyQW-Microbiology and ImmunologyQX-Parasitology
QY-Chemical Pathology   

Acquisition: Book Selection Ordering

  • Book purchase, collate, select, order and acquire books for the library.
  • Checking in the consignment for all corrections.
  • Stamping accessioning and record maintenance.
  • Fixing of book pocket, book cards and date due labels.
  • Passing of new materials already certified correct to the Technical Unit.

Opening Hours

The Library Opens from 8.00a.m-9.00p.m Monday to Friday on Saturdays the Library is opened for operation to readers from 8.00a.m to 2.00p.m. The postgraduate reading section is opened 24 hours non-stop.

    Mr. S. O. Ibitoye
    HOD Medical Library.
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