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Department of Psychiatry

The department of psychiatry is as old as LAUTECH Teaching Hospital (LTH) and it has been as a fully fiedged clinical department since its inception although, it became autonomous in the University in December, 2004. The department although young, has had the unique priviledge of being nurtured by the best of teachers of psychiatry in Nigeria.

Department of Psychiatry:Ward

The department currently occupies a psychiatry-friendly 20-22 bedded ward within the teaching hospital. The ward has adequate toilet facilities for both male and female patients apart from those provided for the staff members. Within the ward, there is separate treatment room adjacent to the nursing station with all the necessary emergency drugs and equipment. All the basic nursing and diagnostic equipment are in place with standard hospital beds and beddings. There is also a consulting room built into the ward where patients with minor complaints and some emergency cases could be attended to. The consultants offices are constructed in a way that they are enclosed in the same complex with the ward. The call room for the resident doctors is within the ward. Emergency room There is a purposely adapted emergency room adequately equipped to handle any psychiatry emergency in the casualty. This is seprate from the outpatient department. There are facilities for resuscitation, functional communication facilities, drug cupboard well stocked with necessary drug and emergency Record Unit to document records flow. Built into the emergency facility is a call room for the residents on call for ease of access.

Electro-Convulsive Therapy(ECT) Suite

The suite is an appendage of the main ward with an ECT bed, ECT machine with suctioning machine. The suite is equipped with resuscitation drugs and equipment and a very ready access to the anaesthetist. The recovery room which is also located within this suite is only adjacent to the ECT room.

Out-Patient Department

This is housed in a separate complex outside of the ward with well ventilated and furnished consulting rooms. It has a very spacious waiting area with good sitting arrangement. Each consulting room has an examination couch and telephone facility. There is an injection room in this complex, well equipped and staffed. There is Record Unit to register new patients and book appointments for the clinic. An average of 30 patients attend each clinic day of two days in a week; Monday and Thursday afternoons. Clinics start at 12.00 noon and ends when the last patient is seen. Toilet facilities for male and female patients and for the staff are in good condition and well maintained.


Call duty roasters are prepared monthly reflecting units that will be on call for a particular day. The roasters are usually pasted on the Ward, Outpatient clinic and Emergency room. A unit on call consists of a supervising consultant, senior registrar and a junior registrar. There are 2 of such units running the psychiatry services in this teaching hospital. The call duty rooms both at the emergency unit and the psychiatry ward are furnished with recreation facilities and access to telephone for ease of contact. Each unit conducts two wards rounds and runs a clinic per week.

Dr. Eegunranti B.A
    HOD Mental Health.