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Medical Microbiology and Parasitology


  • To provide services for the laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases.
  • To provide background for nosocomial infection control and prevention of outbreaks.
  • To render specialized diagnosis and treatment services for certain infectious diseases such as sexually transmitted infections and endemic diseases.
  • To provide standardized training of resident doctors, laboratory scientists and other laboratory personnel.
  • To render clinical services in the co-management of patients with infectious diseases.
  • To provide avenue for research in microbial infection.

Units and Services


The laboratory renders diagnostic services in the areas of bacteriology, mycology, parasitology and microbial immunology. There are several units/benches - The CSF and Urine bench, the main bench, serology bench, The Tuberculosis and Leprosy Laboratory and the Research Laboratory. Services rendered include:-
  • Microscopy and culture of various clinical specimens such as urine, blood, cerebro spinal fluid (CSF), pus, aspirates, swabs (eye, ear, wound) sputum stool etc and determination of antibiotic susceptibility pattern of isolated pathogens.
  • Blood film for parasites such as Malaria Parasites, Trypanosomes, Microfilaria.
  • Serological tests-VDRL (Venereal Disease Research Laboratory) TPHA (Treponema Pallidiun Haem-Agglutinin test), Widal test.
  • Seminal fluid analysis.
  • Tuberculosis and Leprosy diagnosis.
  • Fungal studies.

Infection Control Unit

The Special Treatment Clinic (STC) is a specialized clinic for the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Infections such as Sexually Transmitted Infections and endemic treponematodes.
This clinic is run in conjunction with the Community Medicine Department.

Clinical Consultation

Clinical Consultation for review and co-management of inpatient with infectious diseases.

Operating Hours

The laboratory is open 24 hours everyday to cater for both routine and emergency samples. The clinic runs on weekdays from 8am -1pm

Dr. E. A. O. Afolayan
HOD Microbiology and Parasitology.