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Pharmacy Departmant

Pharmacy Department provides adequate and sound pharmaceutical services and in conjunction with other health care providers, to enable patients receive the ultimate care.

Functions of Pharmacy Department

  • Patient medication history taking.
  • Dispensing of drugs, medicaments and consumables to patients both out-patients and in-patients.
  • Provision of adequate drug information to patients, prescribers and other members of staff.
  • Identification and quality control of medicaments within the limits of available resources.
  • Provision of Pharmaceutical care.
  • Prescription scrutiny and interventions when necessary.

Operating Hours

This Department works for 24 Hours.


Automated Filling Machine, Capping Machine and Packaging Machine. The department produces, dispenses drugs to the patients as well as counseling the patients.

     Pharmacist POPOOLA Aderemi Tajudeen
    H.O.D Pharmacy Department