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Physiotherapy Department

Physiotherapy also known as Physical Therapy is a health care profession (an aspect of Medical Rehabilitation Sciences) that concerns itself with the remediation of impairments and disabilities following illnesses, diseases, trauma etc, and the promotion of mobility, functional ability, quality of life and movement potential through examination, evaluation, diagnosis, followed by therapeutic physical intervention with emphasis on evidence based practice. Physiotherapy deals with promotion and restoration of physical fitness vis-a-vis body weight reduction exercise programmes and health education.

Clear Defination of Procedures and Services

Our services include assessment, evaluation and physiotherapy management of patients with different cases referred from Orthopaedic, Surgery, Neurology, Internal Medicine, Paediatric and Cardio-pulmonary units of the hospital, and also referrals from other hospitals in and outside the State of Osun.
Physiotherapy management incorporates the following:
  • Therapeutic exercises: Passive, assisted, active and resisted exercises depending on the needs of individual patient. Modalities for exercises available in the department include Multigym, Bicycle ergo meter, Treadmill, Cross trainers, Steppers, Exercise chairs, Reciprocal shoulder exercisers, Frenkel mat exerciser and Standing education bars.
  • Electrotherapy: Making use of various modalities like Shortwave diathermy, Electrical stimulator, Interferential therapy machine, therapeutic ultrasound, Infra red etc.
  • Walking aids and appliances:Axillary and Elbow Crutches, Quadripods, Zimmer's frame, Walking sticks etc.
  • Supportive and immobilizing corsets which include cervical collar (rigid, semi-rigid and soft type) and lumbar corsets.
  • Other modalities of treatment include Cryotherapy, Wax therapy, Soft tissue technique ( Massage) etc

Notable Achievements

Physiotherapy department in LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Osogbo has made landmark achievements in the rehabilitation of several patients with neurological Sequalea, joints dysfunction and immobility in both young and old. Children with ambulatory impairments and muscle weakness following Injection palsy, after being treated in Physiotherapy Department were able to walk independently without any trace of disability. Paediatric patients with Erb's palsy and Congenital talipes equinovarus deformity have also recovered fully following quality Physiotherapy intervention within shortest time. Hemiplegics, Paraplegics, patients with muscular dystrophy, facial palsy, degenerative conditions etc have been well managed in the department to regain lost functions, and were able to carry out normal activities of daily living without hindrance. The department has also been actively involved in public lectures, seminars and enlightenment programmes on both electronic and print media to promote health and physical fitness awareness.

Consulting Hours

Physiotherapy services and consultation are available 24/7 in the department. While physiotherapy in patients are attended to anytime of the day, outpatient clinic runs between 8am and 2pm, Mondays through Fridays, and Call hours run through weekends and after closing hours on weekdays.

    Mrs. Olaoye M. I.
    HOD Physiotherapy.