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Details on Procurement Department

Procurement department of this hospital was establishment in compliance with Public Procurement Act of 2007 .The prpcurement is the office resposible for the acquisition of supplies, services and constrution in support of the authority buisness. The procurement department is the the entity within the authority to issue invitation to bid, request for proposal, and request for quotations and give recommendation for approval of contract through Public Procurement Committee. This department is mainly established to have value for money spent by the institution. Procurement is concern with acquiring/procuring of goods and services and works that is vital to an organization (the hospital). It plays key role within the hospital whereby professionals establish what need to be procured (Goods, Services or Works), when they need to be procured (contract time frames) and from what source i.e (identifying suitable Contractors).

The procurement department is very concious of responsiblity and accountability in the expenditure of public funds, therefore the procurement department maintain a competitive bidding process, in a manner that provide full and open competition wherever applicable.


Before any equipment or Consumables can be supplied/procured there must be requisition from verious department of the hospital which must forwarded to Chief Medical Director through Chairman Medical Advisory Committee for Clinical department and through the Director of Administration for Non clinical.

And this requisition will be forwarded from Chief Medical Director to Procurement department for necessary action. When the department receive the request, it will be advertise for quotation/bid from different suppliers who is duly registered for a specific period usually two or six weeks depending on the terms and nature of the contract, to be dropped inside Tender Box at Chief Medical Director office and at the same time forwarded to marketing deparment for current market price to serve as guide when evaluting the quotations from different suppliers by the public procurement Committe.

We can also contact at least 3 suppliers for quotations in case of emmergency Procurement for Hospital consumables, this is known as selective Tender and it will also follow normal procedure by the Public Procurement Committee. Other types of procurement committee, this is done when the price bided by suppliers outragious compared with market price.


  • Communication with the suppliers: A procurement officer is the link between her company and suppliers he/she ought to look for interested suppliers and negotiate the best dial for the company. Part of his/her duties is to maintain good relationship with suppliers and to keep them.
  • Product Purchases: As a procurement officer, he is also responsible for direct purchase of product and services in the organization. He also have to recommend for approval the best product or services that have low price after reviewing and analyzing all.


  1. Right Product: They ensure that the product ordered for are the one supplied and not another. For example, if we order for Fridge, it must be supplied not television
  2. Right Price: Procurement department must ensure that goods and services are supplied at reasonable price compared to current market price, without neglecting the quality.
  3. Right Quality: It must meet the acceptable quality i.e it must be of required specification.
  4. Right Quantity: They must ensure taht the total number of goods and services requested for must be supplied.
  5. Right Time/Place/Source: Goods and services must be supplied at appropriate time. In considering the right source, if one supplier cannot meet up, there must be an alternative source because we are in the hospital where will mostle need emergency procurement.
  6. It support operational requirement.
  7. Development of Integrated: Purchasing strategies that support organizational strategies, goals and objective.
  8. Develop strong relationship with other functional groups.
  9. It encourages team work by following due process in procuring goods and services.


Since the establishment of procurement department, a thing as been changed tremendously in the hospital. To mention but a view:
  1. Goods and services are now supplied to the hospital at reasonable price and by this unnecessary or excessive cost are are cut, and goods are suppolied at appropriate time.
  2. Quality goods are being supplied by the hospital and this improves the image of the hospital.
  3. Boosting the hospital Internal Generated Revenue (IGR) by ensuring the suppliers are regiter or renew his registration with the hospital before any job are given out.
  4. There is increase in productivity of various departments since the consumables they needed for the job are supplied as earlier as possible.

Mrs. Okunmadewa F.O
HOD Procurement Department.