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Objectives of the Purchasing and Supply Department

  1. COST SAVING:The Purchasing and Supply Department of the hospital ensures that the Hospital buys quality goods at the most barest minimum price.This however,saves cost for the Hospital
  2. QUALITY CONTROL:The department ensures that only the quality items are supplied into the hospital and that substandard items are prohibited.
  3. TREATMENT OF REQUISITION:The Purchasing and supply Department receives requisition for various items needed by units and wards of the Hospital through the office of The Chief Medical Director,The Chairman Medical Advisory Committee and The Director of Administration. The requisition are promptly treated to determine which supplier will be recommended, at which price and when the delivery is going to take place.
  4. MARKET SURVEY:Market survey is carried out in order to determine the current market values of the needed item in the Hospital.
  5. PREPARATION OF THE PRICE GUIDE: The price guide is prepared through the market survey caried out in order to guide the Hospital against buying at the exorbitant prices from the suppliers.
  6. DIRECT PURCHASE:Purchasing of petty items is carried out by the department as direct purchase in the case of urgency,so as to ensure smooth running of the hospital.
  7. ADVERTISEMENT: Purchasing and supply department plases advertisement on invitation to tender and hospital's products through the media,distribution of fliers and personal selling.
  8. SUPPLIER SCRUTINY:Purchasing and supply department ensures that only the registered contractor/suppliers with renewal certificate are allowed to tender for supply.


The department is contributing its own quota in uplifting the image of the hospital through the following;
  1. Hospital's spending on the needed items has always been reduced to the barest minimum as the department has always embarked on a regular market survey of current prices.
  2. Control measures has been put in place against substandard product.
  3. Quality items have been brought into the hospital through appropriate selection of reputable suppliers who are always contacted to supply the items.
  4. Prompt supply of the needed items without delay.
  5. Reasonable number of customers has been gained for the hospital through the periodic distribution of fliers and personal selling carried out on tye oxygen gas produced by the hospital.
  6. Suppliers/Contractors has been made to renew their registration as any supplier without renewal certificate will not be recognized as a bonafide supplier.Also,unscrupious suppliers have been rooted out of the system through some measures put in place by the department.


Requisition are sent from units and wards of the hospital to the Chief Medical Director or the Chairman Medical Advisory Committee or the Director of Administatoin as the case may be. The requisition are minuted by eitherof the three authorities,directing the purchasing and supply department to work on them. Accredited suppliers are invited to submit quotations for the items on the requisition. Various quotations received from suppliers are worked upon and selection of benefitted suppliers is done using the price guide to select the preferred prises as well as the quality of the product needed. The qualified suppler are recommended to the authorities for cosideration. Purchasing and supply department is also among the Tender Committee of the hospital. The department guides the committee with the help of the price guide prepared based on the current market prices.

    Mrs. T. A. Akanni
    HOD Purchasing and Supply.