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Health Information Management Department

Health Care Services is information dependent and it can not be provided efficiently without comprehensive information regarding patients' past and present condition, hence, the need for Health Information Management Department through their focus on the collection, maintenance and use of quality data to support the information intensive and information reliant health care system. Also the department is to ensure the effective management of clinical data and health records confidentiality, integrity and availability in every type of health care setting. For the objectives to be achieved, the Health Information Management professionals as managers of health care data and information systems collaborate with other members of health care team to ensure that an individual health data and information are accurate, complete, accessible, confidential and secure.

Functions of Health Information Management

The department maintains, preserves and computerizes patient records, submits periodic reports and prepares instructions on the proper maintenance of health record forms. The department also trains employees and develops educational programmes for department personnel. Health Information Department also supervises the transcription of medical reports, such as discharge summaries, operative reports and other reports including pathology reports, radiology reports medical histories and physical examinations

The functions can be categorized under the following headings:

  • General Services:- These services or functions include provision of registration system, facilitated by a master name index providing a complete comprehensive database of patients in the facility. Maintenance of an appropriate numbering and appointment systems for patient identification and clinic preparation. The practice of a good space management through centralized or decentralized filing system supported by functioning tracking/tracing system for easy location of the patients records for prompt services.
  • Health statistical services:-These functions or services comprise collection, collation, organization, analysis, presentation and interpretation of out-patients' and in-patients' statistics such as out-patients attendance segregated by age, and gender ,inpatients data which includes bed occupancy, rate, turnover interval average length of stay, vacant bed days etc as well as mortality and morbidity statistics.
  • Coding and Indexing:- Is one of the major functions of Health Information Management Department which relates directly to the interpretation of medical knowledge. Coding as the process of assigning numerical digits to represent several descriptive attributes of diseases condition or operative procedure. The substitution of numbers for words and numbers for letters are guided by the provisions and recommendations of the World Health Organization as contained in the current edition of the International Classification of Diseases.
  • Medical Research and Education:- Health Information Management Department participates in the medical research into health problems by providing relevant information needed and by ensuring completeness and accuracy of such records. Also training and retraining of health professionals.
  • Form Design and Printing:- It is the sole responsibility of Health Information Department to ensure and monitor the design and printing of hospital/medical forms in line with World Health Organization standard.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation:-Health Information Management Professional/Department collaborates with other health care service providers in the facility to generate accurate reliable, precise and comprehensive data devoid of bias with a view to evaluating the quality of care rendered to patients. The qualitative aspect of medical auditing is done by the Health Information Professionals in the department. All the records of patients discharged can be arranged in chronological order, then the deficiencies of each discharge record is listed in the deficiency slip.

Notable Achievements

  • The department has been able to generate and supply timely, accurate and comprehensive report of the hospital activities to the management.
  • The department has developed, designed and ensured printing of comprehensive and effective health record forms in accordance with international standard.
  • The department ensures maintenance and preservation of patient records in a scientific way.

    Mr. Murina
    HOD Health Information Management.