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Security Department

The main objective and function of Security Unit is to secure everything within the area of jurisdiction assigned to cover while the functions are as follows:
  • Protection of lives and property.
  • Prevention of Crime.
  • Detection of Crime.
  • Apprehension of Offenders.
  • Coverage of all important beats and posts.
  • Control of traffic.

Security Hints and How to be Security Conscious

All members of staff have to be very vigilant within and outside the hospital premises and adhere strictly to the followings:-
  • You have to be Security conscious always.
  • Know the type of person you are associating with.
  • Make sure you keep all valuables in safe place.
  • Make sure you unplug all electrical and electronic gadgets when there is power outage.
  • When closing for the day's work, ensure everything using electricity are put off and your offices are under lock with keys.
  • Submit your office key at the Hospital keys Board after closing hour.
  • Report any incidents to the Security Unit pronptly.

What to do in case of fire outbreake

  • Raise alarm immediately.
  • Make sure that the nearest Fire Brigade is called at once. Phone number of the State Fire Services is 08030808254.
  • Evacuate the premises to a safe spot.
  • Fight the fire with the appropriate fire extinguisher.

Notable Achievements

Sometimes in the month of March, 2012 Security Unit of this hospital was able to stop the spread of fire outbreak emanated from a food vendor beside Ajegunle main gate of this hospital which would have engulfed the hospital premises. Several cases of aggrieved violent patient relatives within the hospital premises were put under control and checkmated by the vigilant Security Men.

Other Useful Information

It is pertinent to state that in order to enhance the effective performance of security duties any where in the world, sufficient and effective communication gadgets are of paramount importance for easy and fast dissemination of useful information.

    Mr. Onisade L. A
    C.S.O Security Unit