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Medical Social Service

The medical social workers connect needy patients with the society, particularly HIV and psychiatric patients by providing relief materials like clothes, foods, accommodation and sometimes; jobs, vocations, etc.

HIV Counselling Test

The Medical Social Services Department of LTH, Osogbo in collaboration with Institute of Human Virology (I.H.V.N) and Achieving Health Nigeria Initiatives (A.H.N.I) renders various services to the public especially people coming for HIV counseling and testing. This involves;

Pre-test counseling

During this process, the medical social worker educates the clients on the causes, effects and prevention of the virus, mode of transmission and preparing the mind of the clients on the result outcome. Also, during this period, they will be told to disclose their status to the closest person(s) to them positive.

Post-test counseling

involves counseling of the clients on the result out-come. If the client is positive they are advised to register at the ARV Clinic (Anti-retroviral clinic) and to let the HIV positive people know that having HIV is not the end of life because there are many ailments that are more deadly compared to HIV e.g. cancer, hypertension, diabetics e.t.c. If negative, the client is advised to adhere strictly to all necessary precautions.


involves monitoring/counseling of clients on how to take their drugs regularly and the effect of not complying.


In the case of abandonment, the medical social worker assists in tracing the patient's relatives via the media. Consequently, the social worker liaises with the adoption agencies through the State Ministry of Women and Social Welfare as in the case of abandoned child found and brought to the hospital for treatment.
  • Medical Social Workers always attend psychiatric clinics and also participate in ward rounds with Doctors to give holistic management and advice which will enhance the wellbeing of patients
  • To solve family and individual problems by giving psychotherapeutics talks to patients and their families in case of psychiatric and Sickle cell disorder and other patients.

Attending Emergency Cases

In the Hospital, Medical Social Workers often encounter patients who are on emergency or critical conditions especially accident victims whose relatives cannot be immediately reached to render necessary support. In such cases, it is the duty of a Medical Social Worker to act as the Next of kin to such accident victims. The social worker is required to liaise with the media through the Public Relations Department of the hospital, in case of hit and run patients, unconscious patients due to road traffic accidents and chronic diseases.

This involves adequate follow up and monitoring of patients. Medical social workers always engage in home visits to get in touch with the relations of psychiatric, sickle cell disorder and other patients who do not keep their hospital appointments and those who suffer parents' neglect.
In case of absconded patients, medical social worker may need to trace the patient's home and bring him/her to the hospital to complete his/her medical treatment and pay incurred hospital bills.
If a patient is not responding positively to treatment, his/her home environment has to be investigated and together with the doctor proffer solution to such patient's case.
This is a special fund used in supporting the needy patients of LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Osogbo.

The main aims and objectives that the hospital wants to achieve on instituting the ITUNU FUND are:

  1. To generate money to support the needy patients of the hospital in order to save their lives.
  2. To relief the hospital, whereby the hospital will not run out of fund when constantly giving waivers in order to support the needy patients.
  3. To give more information and create more awareness about the hospital services.
  4. To stabilize patients pending when they get money to settle their incurred bills.
The department of Medical Social Services, LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Osogbo is planning to organize various events in the department. The upcoming events in the department;
  1. Setting up of a club called Safe Accident Victims of Nigeria (SAVAN) LAUTECH Teaching Hospital, Osogbo Chapter for the purpose of assisting the accident's victims.
  2. To set up a programme for sickle cell patients to create awareness and educate the affected parents the need to take adequate care of their patients.
  3. To organize twice a week presentation of patients' cases within the department by individual staff members in order to deliberate on issues concerning the patients.
  • The Medical Social Services Department is administratively run by holding regular meetings to deliberate on issues relating to the development. This is in order to fast-track delivery of excellent services of the department.
  • The department is headed by an experienced and astute Medical Social Worker coupled with other efficient members of staff.

    Mrs. Asifa O. O.
    HOD Medical Social Service