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Medical Stores

Medical Stores Department as the name implies is the engine room of the hospital and the mother of innovative modern medicine. The department provides multi-dimensional services which enhances health care delivery in the hospital. Medical Stores Department has six (6) distinctive units which are; Receiving unit, Storage unit, Issuing unit, Kitchen unit, Oxygen distribution unit and Accounting/Administrative unit.

Medical Store functions

  • Receive medical equipment and consumables from hospital's registered contractors or suppliers, confirm the quality with the supply order, provide storage facilities, issue or supply medical equipment or materials to various department in line with material requisition slips duly authorized by the respective departmental heads and as per various Local Purchase Order or Award of contract.
  • Record the incoming medical equipment or consumables in the Goods Received Note for payment and forwarding goods inwards to the user department or respective stores where these medical equipment or consumables are kept till when they are needed in the user department.
  • Undertake proper system of inventory control by taking physical stock of all medical equipment/materials at regular intervals to determine various material levels, subject to maximum, minimum and re-ordering level using Economic Order Quantity as a yardstick.
  • Provide detailed information about available medical equipment in the hospital and in the custody of store when the need arises, monitor their utilization, ensure strict compliance with the manufacturer's operational manual by the user department to maintain cost effectiveness of the procurement.
  • Bridge the gap in health care delivery by ensuring the supplies of qualitative medical equipment, drugs, consumables and other medical materials.
  • Maintain proper documentation of all supplies, personal request or any other means into the hospital in accordance with best global practices in the administration of medical stores.
  • Distribute filled cylinders to various wards of the hospital, retrieval of empty ones back to oxygen production plant of loading and preparation of oxygen financial report; that is, sales proceed and oxygen administration summaries to the management of the hospital on monthly basis.

Mrs. Akinwumi Rashidat Ayodele
Head, Medical Stores Department.